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Community Integration

Caminar:  Serving People With Developmental Disabilities in Butte County Through Community Integration

People come first.  Caminar is committed to working with each individual client to help them discover and develop their unique talents and gifts, abilities and strengths to enhance their lives and reach their full potential.

We help facilitate and assist people with disabilities to form support systems and to fully participate in community living. It is important for all individuals to have support systems in place, whether it's friends, family, neighbors, teachers...Caminar focuses on helping its clients with disabilities develop these support systems for true community integration.

The following are some of the empowering opportunities developed for people with disabilities to be active and contributing members in the community.

Access Plus

Access Plus is our community-based day program, custom-tailored to assist people with developmental disabilities by helping them connect with exciting recreational and educational opportunities in the community.  The program focuses on developing skills that promote community integration and on abilities that allow individuals to become more self-reliant.  Some of the areas of focus the program include learning and practicing self-advocacy skills, pursuing post-secondary education opportunities, participating in social recreational activities, becoming aware of the community, participating in volunteer work, exploring work opportunities, and learning about personal safety and mobility training.

Community Activity Support Services (CASS)

The CASS program is designed to actively support participants by providing transportation, filling out important paperwork, shopping for the individual, picking up medications, and providing other life-enhancing services.

Friendship Circle (FC)

Friendship Circle directly assists individuals in their quest to develop the skills required to enhance their social lives through building and maintaining a circle of compatible friends.  Founded on the belief that compatibility should be based on the commonality and camaraderie that arises from sharing mutual abilities, interests, and concerns, FC has proven to be very successful.

Life Skills

Caminar's Life Skills Program is designed to compassionately teach our clients, at an individual pace, to develop the skills needed to obtain and maintain self sufficiency and independent living within the community.  Some of the life skills taught include:

• Preparing nutritious, well balanced meals,
• Accurately managing a checkbook,
• Shopping for groceries,
• Confidently using public transit,
• Keeping a clean and safe home,
• Communicating and working with health and medical professionals,
• Developing assertiveness skills,
• Solving problems,
• Along with many additional abilities and strengths!

Personal Attendant

Our Personal Attendants program focuses on enhancing lives by helping people become as independent as possible in their own homes.  This service includes assistance with essential personal care, health, and safety needs.

Senior Ties (ST)

Senior Ties provides community-based recreational and social services geared towards those 50 and up who have developmental disabilities in Butte County.  A diverse range of life quality enhancing activities are provided—including enriching senior education classes, engaging recreation and leisure activities, health-promoting fitness classes, and empowering civic involvement opportunities.  The philosophy of the Caminar Senior Ties program closely mirrors that of the Friendship Circle, but is more geared towards meeting the unique needs of seniors.

Please Note: Each of these Caminar community integration programs receives referrals and funding from Far Northern Regional Center.

Thank you for helping Caminar support people with developmental disabilities in Butte County through community integration. Please take a moment to learn more about how you can help Caminar support these individuals.

Supported Living Services (SLS)

Supported Living Services is designed to support people in attaining their goal of living in the community regardless of their disability. The service offers people the choice of living in their own home in the least restrictive environment ensuring that their healthy and safety needs are maintained. This program serves individuals who require more intensive independent living services, but do not require 24 hour direct support and supervision.