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Caminar Avenida Apartments – Providing Supportive Housing Opportunities for People with a Mental Health Condition

Completed December of 2007 in collaborative partnership with the Butte County Department of Behavioral Health, Caminar’s Avenida Apartments is an affordable supported housing project. It is off to a wonderfully successful fresh start here in Chico, CA!

Quality Supportive Housing Opportunities

Much more than just a traditional supportive housing apartment complex, the newly remodeled Avenida Apartment project has been custom-crafted from the ground up to provide quality, supported housing for people who are sincerely in need.  The ultimate goal of this supportive housing project is to provide affordable and livable housing that revolves around enhancing lives by offering supportive opportunities for people who have a mental health condition.

Featuring fourteen freshly remodeled housing units, Avenida Apartments are designed for people with a disability who have experienced homelessness. The complex has a full time live-in property manager in addition to ready on-site access to vital case management and support services provided by the Butte County Department of Behavioral Health.

Encouraging Vocational Training Opportunities

By encompassing an encouraging vocational training approach, providing employment opportunities on-site (including our unique bike shop facility, along with grounds maintenance and janitorial services vocational opportunities), Avenida Apartments truly promotes independent living and self sufficiency to its residents.

The model fits perfectly with the Caminar Butte County Region’s goal of building community and enhancing lives for people with disabilities.  Would you like to help Caminar provide ongoing opportunities here in Butte County?  Please take the opportunity today to learn more about how you can make a significant positive impact.