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Improving Lives Through Community, Accomplishment & Pride

The basis of Caminar’s dedication to vocational services and vocational training is simple—employment is a key ingredient in enabling people to feel like productive citizens.  It’s no secret that maintaining employment has been proven to help people develop a sense of community, accomplishment, pride, belongingness, and an earnest connection to one’s community.

In Butte County - including Chico, Paradise, and Oroville, Caminar offers a variety of life-enhancing vocational services that are individually tailored to help people with disabilities find and maintain meaningful, competitive employment within the community. The vocational programs that Caminar provides include:

Jobs Plus

Jobs Plus is a supported employment program that provides individualized training, assistance, and support to enable individuals to be successful in competitive employment.  An on-site Job Trainer provides long term assistance and support to the employee and employer at the job site, working with the new employee and teaching him/her the duties and responsibilities of the job.  As the employee masters these newly learned abilities through goal-oriented skills training, the support services are designed to gradually decrease accordingly.  The Jobs Plus staff is even available to provide technical assistance to the employer to help foster an empowering, productive work environment.

Situational Assessment (SA)

Situational Assessment (SA) is a service that assesses a person’s employment skills.  This assessment tool assists with determining an individual’s job interests, abilities, and potential barriers to employment.  The result of the assessment is a comprehensive and objective report that is focused on providing accurate goal-oriented direction both for the client and for the Department of Rehabilitation in the quest to assist clients with achieving successful employment.

Personal Vocation Social Adjustment Services (PVSA)

Personal Vocation Social Adjustment Services (PVSA) is a program that provides training in appropriate work-related behaviors.  This program is designed to maximize an individual’s independent functioning by eliminating identified barriers to employment.

Vocational Work Crews

Vocational Work Crews are designed and established for people who receive services from Department of Behavioral Health.   Employment is a critical tool for helping people during their recovery process.  Work Crews were created to provide meaningful, real-life employment opportunities.  For example, we’ve developed a small business that provides low cost janitorial services for people on a limited income.  Other duties the crews perform include landscaping, retail work, store operations, and food preparation activities.  Employment skills can be developed in a variety of work situations and environments.  Supportive employment helps prospective employees develop and improve their resumes and stamina.

Social Enterprise Business - Caminar Sensible Cyclery

At the Avenida Apartment complex, Caminar's Sensible Cyclery has been established to sell quality reconditioned bicycles at an affordable price.  Bikes are donated from a variety of sources within the community.  Then, the residents of Avenida Apartments, along with vocational trainees who receive services from Behavioral Health, perform the important tasks associated with overhauling, repairing, tuning, and getting the donated bikes ready for resale.  The mission of Sensible Cyclery is to recondition and sell quality used bicycles at an affordable price, and by being in business, to provide meaningful vocational opportunities that help our employees reach their fullest potential.  Sensible Cyclery is located at 2505 Esplanade.

An Important Note About These Caminar Vocational Training Programs: Referrals and funding for Vocational Services are received from Department of Rehabilitation.  We’re pleased to share with you that each and every one of Caminar’s vocational services is CARF accredited.  The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an independent non-profit organization with a focus on ensuring that only the highest-quality services are awarded with CARF accreditation.  The organization’s rigorous standards provide assurance that only the best available services receive accreditation.  It’s not necessarily an easy accomplishment to achieve—we’re very proud our CARF accreditation!

Would you like to help us meet our mission of building community and enhancing lives for people with disabilities here in Butte County?  Please consider donating today to help Caminar Butte County continue and grow its much needed services. Thank you, and please know that your assistance is always greatly appreciated!