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Caminar San Mateo Residential Treatment Programs… Encouraging The Return To Independent Living Through Supportive Communities

Each of Caminar’s three San Mateo County residential treatment programs has been thoughtfully created to provide a warm, caring, and inviting environment for its residents—a true home environment—not just a “residential facility.”  After all, providing a fostering home environment helps residents receiving treatment thrive through a therapeutic community that empowers the individual’s return to independent living.

Supportive Communities Helping to Navigate Through Difficult Times

At each of our San Mateo Region residential treatment homes, respectful and encouraging support from round-the clock staff members helps individuals navigate through difficult times, often avoiding hospitalization.  Our caring residential counselors provide goal-oriented support, including ongoing assessment, skills training, and most importantly, simply listening closely to the needs and concerns of our residents with respect and sensitivity. 

Our supportive communities include:

Redwood House

Redwood House in Redwood City, CA is a crisis residential program that offers an alternative to hospitalization for individuals in the recovery process.  Residents at the Redwood House participate in a healing community environment that benefits from a wide selection of recovery-oriented groups, supportive and well-trained staff, excellent food, and plenty of opportunity for active engagement with the program.  The focus is on encouraging a return to the community, with an increased sense of support, hope, and determination.

Hawthorne House and Eucalyptus House

Hawthorne House (also in Redwood City, CA) and Eucalyptus House (located in Daly City, CA) are 12-bed transitional residential programs that help people prepare for independent living.  Residents and staff co-create a caring community that fosters empowerment, peer support, and the achievement of life goals.  Once again, the staff’s belief in each person’s abilities and strengths creates a dynamic community where residents are focused on building successful and meaningful lives.  Staff is available for coaching, support, and skill building to enhance each person’s self-esteem and confidence in recovery.

All three Caminar San Mateo County residential treatment programs are fully licensed and have a Social Rehabilitation Certification.