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Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living: Our Integrated Approach To Achieving Recovery, Health & Wellness

Caminar believes strongly in supported independent living as a way to overcome hardships presented by mental health problems.  Here in our San Mateo County Region, we serve this belief through four unique programs that follow an integrated total approach to recovery, health, and wellness.

Caminar’s Integrated Supported Independent Living Promotes Achievement

Our supported independent living services are designed to assist individuals in meeting their basic needs, while at the same time, fostering empowerment, self-determination, and personal growth.  Caminar staff collaborates with consumers to create a personalized plan for recovery through focusing on life skills, along with important vocational and educational goals.

Each program offers psychosocial rehabilitation services designed to strengthen and develop skills in a range of areas that include shopping, cooking, caring for the home environment, self-help skills for disability management, medication and treatment options, relationship and communication skills, community resource development, and support services for co-occurring disorders.

Our four unique San Mateo County supported independent living programs include:

New Ventures

New Ventures provides personalized rehabilitation services to people who need support while they develop and work towards accomplishing their life goals.  Services are provided in the community and based upon an individualized treatment plan that focuses on strengths and abilities.  The program provides supported housing to help individuals keep and maintain the housing option of their choice, with some subsidized housing opportunities available.  New Ventures collaborates with Caminar’s Supported Education and Jobs Plus programs to encourage the achievement of vocational and educational goals.


REACH (Recovery, Empowerment, And Community Housing) is an innovative and highly successful program based on the best-practice model of assertive community treatment.  REACH provides services to people who benefit from a high level of assistance to achieve their life goals.  REACH pioneered hiring peer support staff to act as recovery role models to REACH participants, most of who live in their own apartments and participate in their community.  Many are working and going to school.  The team includes the added benefit of medication clinic services and a 24-hour on-call emergency response service.


YAIL (Young Adult Independent Living) provides specialized services to individuals from 18-25 years old.  YAIL meets transition-age youth where they’re at and helps them achieve the goals of greatest importance to them:  how to keep an apartment, make friends, and manage mental health issues so that they don’t interfere with life dreams and goals.

Young adults are in the process of discovery—who am I, what are my gifts, how do I contribute—these questions are encouraged and staff are there to support discovery process and provide helpful encouragement along the way.  As part of this supported independent ling program, we offer independent living opportunities which include a four-unit campus in Redwood City.  This unit acts as the hub for social events and community meetings, assisting in the development of a healthy community of peer support and reinforcing the message of recovery.


WRAPP (Wellness, Recovery, and Partnership Program) is a program specifically designed to enhance full recovery and community integration.  While in most programs, people who have achieved a high degree of recovery are often given few—if any—services, this program provides focused attention and encouragement to individuals who have a lot of success going on in their lives.  It concentrates on the development of natural supports and accessing self-help opportunities.  Participants develop Wellness Recovery Action Plans (Mary Ellen Copeland’s relapse prevention and wellness tool) and begin to gain confidence in their ability to reach for the stars—a career, meaningful relationships, a community of friends.

Please take a few moments to learn how you can assist us in achieving our mission. Thank you for helping Caminar provide the supported independent living services that encourage recovery, health, and wellness to those right here in the greater San Mateo community that need the help so much.