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Lead Agency

Solano awarded Caminar the distinction of Lead Agency in the Spring of 2010.  In this role Caminar oversees subcontractors funded by the Mental Health Service Act [MHSA].  The two subcontractors [La Clinica and California Hispanic Commission] provide services that help promote prevention and early prevention to mental health consumers.  In addition, as the Lead Agency Caminar oversees quarterly Continuum of Care meetings.  These meetings are for both Solano County and contracted mental health providers.  The purpose of the meetings is to tighten the Continuum of Care, develop a more robust referral process between providers and to serve as a place to network and connect with other providers of mental health services in Solano County.

The Lead Agency is sponsored and funded by Solano County Board of Supervisors, Solano County Health and Social Services, and the Mental Health Services Act. 

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