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Meet Connie Archuleta, A Story of Strength

Connie Archuleta is a dedicated Program Coordinator for Caminar in Solano County and knows very well the personal challenges that Caminar clients face daily in their recovery from a mental health condition and substance addiction. Where they walk, she has walked.

She is a woman that has remarkable strength, courage and perseverance and obvious intelligence.  Due to unmanaged mental health instabilities, learning disabilities, and substance addictions, Connie finished high school functionally illiterate -- she could not read, write a check or fill out a job application. As time went on, her problems escalated into psychiatric episodes, suicide attempts and homelessness.  Starting in 1985, she began to attend recovery groups, engage in counseling and started a self discovery and education process.

Connie started working at Caminar in 2002, first as a volunteer and then hired as a salaried employee, she provided a variety of services to “folks like me that had similar struggles”.

Caminar was able to find Connie affordable, stable housing and she in turn was able to help others find stability in their own lives as the on-site supervisor for Caminar’s Gateway Transitional Housing Program.

Her valuable contributions and the bonds she has created with clients, have not only helped in their recovery process, but have led to a stability that Connie had never previously enjoyed.

“Someone believed in me!  Caminar believed in me!  I have had years of sobriety and years with a sense of sanity. I now have hope, meaning and purpose.  I have friends and a sense of community.”

Connie recently purchased her own home in 2010 near the Vallejo waterfront. A grandmother of three, Connie is looking forward to spoiling her growing family in her new home.

Congratulations, Connie!