#Music4MentalHealth brings music, joy to Caminar mental health clients

On Friday, April 15, the Caminar for Mental Health Wellness Recovery Center in Solano county was filled with the sound and joy of music as dozens of people attended the inaugural #Music4MentalHealth concert series.

“The concert gives our mental health clients the healing aspects of live music,” said Kenneth G. Langill, Program Coordinator of the Wellness Recovery Center in the Solano Region and founder of the series. “Music communicates what cannot be stated or said.”

A near capacity crowd of 44 Wellness Recovery Center clients, staff and Full Service Partnership case managers attended the concert headlined by local jazz guitarist Leo Cavanagh, who donated his time and talent. Cavanagh has a 50-year history playing the guitar and his songs delighted the crowd.

“Music helps alleviate anger and loneliness,” Langill said. “It lowers blood pressure, helps with retention and also brings joy depending on the genre of music being played by the musician.”

Langill said last Friday’s concert show is the first of many planned for the Wellness Recovery Center as part of the #Music4MentalHealth series. Those wanting to RSVP for future concerts can contact Kenneth Langill at KennethL@Caminar.org.

“Any of our mental health clients should attend if they enjoy live music to stimulate and engage them,” Langill said. “Music is inclusive and intimate without being intrusive. Music is cathartic and therapeutic as well.”