Solano hosts 5th Annual Cammie Awards

Caminar for Mental Health’s stars shined bright on Friday, May 20 during the 5th Annual Cammie Awards.

“Walk a mile in their shoes” was the theme for the 2016 version of the Solano region’s biggest date on the calendar and over 100 people attended the award ceremony that filled Vallejo’s Foley Cultural Center.

“Cammies are really meant to honor our clients for their achievements in recovery,” said Chris Kughn, Executive Director of Caminar’s Solano Region. “We really build on the courage of the clients that we serve. They get acknowledged for achievements in recovery, achievements in maintaining housing, finding employment, reintegrating into community. This is one day when we formally acknowledge our clients, but everyday our clients show they’re moving into recovery.”


In all, eight clients and three volunteers were honored during the award ceremony that focused on walking a mile in the shoes of those Caminar serves. “It’s really challenging to walk a mile in someone’s shoes,” Kughn said. “The idea is to take today and really think about how challenging it is for many of our clients to get up every single day, go to work, pay their rent — really taking a moment today to acknowledge just how powerful of a drive they have to move forward in recovery.”

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“I think individuals who struggle with substance and mental health challenges are often isolated,” Kughn said. “They don’t get acknowledged for what they’re doing in their lives even if it feels like it’s not a huge thing. The power of the Cammie Awards is having the opportunity to be witnessed by your community.”