Safeway Foundation Awards Grant for Jobs Plus Program

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We are excited to announce that Caminar’s Jobs Plus program has received a grant from The Safeway Foundation. This grant was made possible through the People with Disabilities campaign.

During July, Safeway customers and employees voluntarily contributed to The Safeway Foundation’s People with Disabilities campaign at check stands throughout Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii. The campaign raised over $1.1 million to fund a variety of local organizations that are at the forefront of assisting people with disabilities. The Safeway Foundation supports causes that impact the lives of employee and customers, such as Caminar’s Jobs Plus program.

Our Jobs Plus program, which will benefit from the grant funds, provides individuals with mental, developmental, and physical disabilities opportunities for job training, placement, and supported employment services. Our goal is to increase self-sufficiency and life satisfaction for adults with disabilities by partnering with employers to place and retain clients in meaningful, competitive employment positions.

The Safeway Foundation’s past support of Jobs Plus has helped open the pathway for hundreds of people with disabilities to move from hopelessness and economic distress to the fulfillment of meaningful employment. One such person helped by Jobs Plus is Jay.

Jay had been working professionally for several years but lost his job during a time that he struggled to manage his mental health condition. The sudden loss of his income plunged Jay into legal troubles, and he found himself homeless. Jay found the help he needed through Caminar’s mental health services. Once Jay’s condition stabilized, and he was in housing, his case manager linked Jay with the Jobs Plus program. The program staff found that Jay’s job skills were still strong and that he was ready to get back to work. Working with his coach, Jay started his job search and soon secured a job with a good company that was glad to have his skills and experience. Jay’s coach checks in with him regularly and has helped Jay successfully navigate the pressures of work while caring for his mental wellness.

We are grateful for the Foundation’s continued investment in Jobs Plus, which will support our capacity to provide these life-changing services to the people like Jay, who most need them.