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As of May 1, 2018, Healthy Partnerships is a division of Caminar. The move will allow Caminar and Healthy Partnerships to respond to the growing need for mental health and substance use treatment services in Solano County.

The acquisition was approved by the boards of directors of both entities. Healthy Partnerships programs will continue under the leadership of executive director Charles Anderson and become part of Caminar’s operations in Solano County.

Healthy Partnerships provides high-quality behavioral healthcare, including both substance abuse and mental health services, in an atmosphere of compassion, respect and cultural competence. Outpatient prevention, intervention and treatment services offered at Healthy Partnerships reflect a deep and abiding belief in the value of treatment; and a strong commitment to promoting recovery on an individual, family and community level. The primary goal of Healthy Partnerships programs is to provide individuals and families the education, support and skills necessary to live productive and healthy lives at their optimum level(s) and be reflective of their efforts within their communities. 

To learn more about Healthy Partnerships' programs and how to access services, please visit http://www.healthypartnerships.com or call (707) 425-1799 (Fairfield) or (707) 447-8982 (Vacaville).