About Healthy Partnerships


Healthy Partnerships was established in 1997 to provide Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Program services in Vacaville, CA. The partners’ background and expertise in the provision of quality behavioral health care inspired them to submit a proposal to Solano County Substance Abuse Services designed to fill the gaps in treatment for the Vacaville area. This led to the opening of HP’s Fairfield office in 2000, all for the purpose of providing accessible treatment and DUI services with the communities.

As we have continued to evolve over the past two decades, services have expanded to include not only DUI programs but also outpatient substance use treatment and mental health counseling as well for members of the community and their families.

As of May 1, 2018, Healthy Partnerships is operating as a division of Caminar.


Since founding in 1997, Healthy Partnership intends to provide high quality behavioral healthcare (substance abuse and mental health) in an atmosphere of compassion, respect and cultural competence. We operate within the Bay Area and offer services to Central Valley residents. Outpatient prevention, intervention, and treatment services offered at Healthy Partnerships reflect a deep and abiding faith in the value of treatment; and a strong commitment to reduce suffering and promote recovery on an individual, family and community level. All employees understands that we serve a highly stigmatized societal group. Our services seek to expand the understanding of addictive disease while working to improve acceptance of those suffering from the disease of addiction.

The primary goal of our programs is to provide individuals and families the education, support and skills necessary to live productive and healthy lives at their optimum level(s) and be reflective of their efforts within their communities.

We promote the basic human rights: dignity, health, and safety of the person served.

We serve a culturally diverse population and does not discriminate on the basis of race, culture, spiritual beliefs, socio-economic status, language, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

We are committed to recruit persons reflective of the population served as members the governance authority, management, and employee. This includes persons in recovery and/or with disabilities.


Healthy Partnerships' primary value is the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. The qualities of our values include respect, compassion, integrity, ethics, teamwork, excellence, hope, and healing.


Healthy Partnerships combines two philosophical perspectives in behavioral healthcare: The first philosophical approach views behavioral health (AOD & MH) as systemic, involving the physiological, social, psychological, cultural, and spiritual aspects of the individual. George Engel, the father of the bio-psycho-social medical model was a brilliant physician, scientist, teacher, and humanist, a pioneer who brought us a biopsycho-social model that developed from the same general systems theory roots as family systems theory. George Engel advocated for comprehensive, holistic, psychological, and socio-cultural factors, thus rejecting the prevailing biomedical model that viewed the human body as a “machine, and disease, a result of the breakdown of the machine.” The second philosophical approach, “Recovery is a Process; Not an Event” requires advocacy, listening and understanding that all persons served be treated with dignity and respect as they move through their process of recovery.


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