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Independent Living

Caminar helps people with mental illness and developmental disabilities achieve and lead independent lives to the best of their capabilities.

Daily, throughout San Mateo, Solano, and Butte Counties, Caminar community case managers are meeting with clients to offer a variety of support services for successful independent living and integration.

Caminar offers unique programs that provide integrated approach to recovery, health and wellness. Our services are designed to assist individuals in meeting their basic needs as well as fostering empowerment, self-determination and personal growth.  Caminar staff collaborates with each one of our clients to create a personalized plan for their recovery, focusing on life skills and vocational and educational goals. We offer guidance, counseling and companionship to help the client develop and maintain necessary skills to lead as independent lives as they are capable.  We focus on establishing regular life routines, medication support, symptom management, basic independent living skills, budget management, and social skills.

Each program offers psychosocial rehabilitation services designed to strengthen and develop skills in a range of areas, including but not limited to shopping, cooking skills, caring for the home environment, self-help skills for disability management, medication and treatment options, relationship and communication skills, community resource development, and support services for co-occurring disorders.

We are proud of our 50 year history of helping individuals with disabilities live successfully within the communities we serve and the unique role we play in promoting recovery and enhancing lives.