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Every person deserves the chance to find meaningful and satisfying work– and Caminar fully supports people who want to learn new skills and develop career goals.  Caminar's Jobs Plus program provides job placement and supported employment services for people with all types of disabilities.  Jobs Plus works with each individual to find a job match and then provides job coaching support to ensure an individual's employment success. Caminar Jobs Plus offers job assessment, vocational training, skill development, support on resume writing, job application and interviewing skills. By developing a wide network of community and business connections, Jobs Plus can make working a reality and help pave the road to financial success for our participants.

Employer Benefits:

For a limited time employers can take advantage of On the Job Training Incentive

Caminar Jobs Plus links the employment needs of businesses with the needs and capabilities of qualified individuals seeking employment opportunities.

Caminar Jobs Plus will assess your employment needs, recruit and match a qualified candidate at NO COST to employers.

Caminar Jobs Plus provides NO COST applicant screening, specialized skill training and will help hire the right person for the right job resulting in lower staff turnover.

Caminar Jobs Plus can make Tax Credit available to your business for qualified employees.

Caminar Jobs Plus provides an on-site, one-on-one Job Trainer for your new employee at NO COST and is available for the duration of the job placement including re-training for new responsibilities or a new job placement.

Caminar Jobs Plus has placed individuals in a variety of employment settings including large retail grocery and department store chains, independently owned retail stores, clerical jobs in office settings, home improvement and gardening centers, and more...meeting any and all employment needs.

Employer Access:

If you are an employer within the State of California, you are eligible to access Caminar’s Jobs Plus Services. For services in our four counties please contact us at:

Caminar’s vocational services are CARF accredited.  The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an independent nonprofit organization, whose focus is on ensuring that only high-quality services get the CARF accreditation. CARF’s rigorous standards provide assurance that Caminar Jobs Plus services are of that high quality.