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Residential Treatment

Caminar's Residential Treatment Programs specialize in helping people with mental illness reconnect with themselves, with self-care, and within their communities.

Caminar's Residential Treatment Programs offer an alternative to expensive hospitalization and are available to people either experiencing an acute psychiatric episode, or are in need of additional support to engage in independent community living.  We offer 30-day Crisis Residential Programs in San Mateo County (Redwood House, Redwood City, CA), and in Solano County (Laurel Creek, Fairfield, CA).  These 30-day programs offer round-the-clock structured therapeutic and rehabilitative support in warm inviting environments. Clients receive personalized treatment plans and are provided the support they need to navigate through difficult times and rejoin the community.

Caminar also offers six-month Transitional Residential Programs in San Mateo County (Hawthorne House, Redwood City, CA and Eucalyptus House, Daly City, CA) where residents and staff work together creating a caring community that fosters independence, empowerment, peer support and achievement of life goals within a structured environment.  Residents receive guidance and counseling in a welcoming atmosphere where they can develop independent life skills such as cooking, cleaning, scheduling and attending appointments as well as symptom management techniques.

By embracing each individual's unique experience with mental illness as well as their specific talents, we are able to help our resident's self-esteem and confidence.