Meet Ryan Taylor: A Story of Achievement

Ryan Taylor is an industrious guy and loves to work. He recently celebrated his two year anniversary as an employee of Kmart in Paradise and has taken on a second job at Feather River Hospital as an Environmental Specialist. Just two years ago, as a recent high school graduate of Paradise High School, Ryan was unsure of where to start or how to apply for a job.

Ryan has a learning disability and was referred to Caminar’s Jobs Plus services through the Butte County Department of Rehabilitation. He viewed any communication, instruction, and advice as being negative, he did not have a driver’s license, and he had never used public transportation before. These were just a few challenges he had to hurdle before entering the job market.

Through Caminar’s Jobs Plus program, Ryan was assigned a Job Developer who met with him weekly to discuss what kinds of jobs he may be interested in and a job placement plan was developed for him. With consistent training, practice and direction, Ryan started riding the bus routes in Paradise and Chico until he was able to get around both areas independently. He received coaching on how to apply and interview for a position and after being hired at Kmart was offered on the job training by Caminar’s Jobs Plus staff to help Ryan adjust as a new employee at no cost to Kmart.

Now, Ryan is full of confidence, has a strong sense of personal responsibility and a strong work ethic. He has his driver’s license, used his own money to fix his truck and gets high praises from his employers. Ryan is delighted with himself and is grateful for the support that Jobs Plus program has given him.   Ryan stated that being employed, especially in a hospital environment has given him “a lift”, a positive feeling that he has never experienced.  Congratulations, Ryan!