Peter's Journey to Wellness

Peter blog post.png

A traumatic childhood left Peter with emotional wounds, severe depression, and PTSD. Eventually, his depression and PTSD became so debilitating, he was unable to get out of bed many mornings and missed so much work that he nearly lost his job.

Peter was referred to Caminar’s transitional residential home, where he received support and time to recover from his mental illness, gain coping skills for his mental health conditions, and relearn daily living skills.

The journey to wellness is paved with the right care and support.

When Peter was ready, he returned to his life more prepared to manage his depression.

Today, Peter is thriving. Once a shut-in, he’s now a lead carpenter with a flourishing business. He approaches each day as a gift.

Peter credits Caminar with saving his life.

Peter has a strong sense of community and gratitude, having benefited from the generosity, compassion, and support of others on his journey to wellness. To show his gratitude, Peter now volunteers his time and skills to help those in need.

Without the support of our donors, Peter may not be here today.

We are so very grateful for Peter’s wellness, and for the generosity of our supporters who make the life-changing work of Caminar possible.