Gabby's Story: Finding Wellness and Hope for her Family

Your support opens the door to wellness and recovery for local families, like Gabby* and her children.

Gabby - 2018.png

When Gabby began meeting with one of our counselors, she was coping with depression and in the early days of recovery from substance abuse.

What hurt most was feeling she had failed her kids. Seeing them taken away because of her drug use had left her without hope. She saw no path forward.

Thankfully, Gabby was connected with our Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley (FCS) division’s community of support. With her counselor’s expert guidance, Gabby delved into the complex issues underlying her depression and addiction and the choices she had made.

One day, she confided that her boyfriend was growing increasingly controlling. Linked with one of our domestic violence survivor specialists, Gabby learned about “red flags” of unhealthy relationships and the effects on children, and assessed her risk factors. When she was ready, she had the support needed to end the relationship safely and to begin to heal.

Thoughts of her children, the encouragement of her team at FCS, and new wellness strategies empowered Gabby to build her resilience and persevere, even at the hardest times. The day came when Gabby and her children were reunited.

“Today we’re living a new life,” says Gabby, who stays connected with her counselor for regular check-ins and treasures her weekly support group meetings with other survivors of domestic violence.

Now, thanks to our compassionate donors, Gabby and her children have a trusted place to turn when they need support along the path toward resilience, wellness, and independence.

* Names changed to protect confidentiality.