Ben's Story: Wellness is Recovery

Members of our Healthy Partnerships division team.

Members of our Healthy Partnerships division team.

When Ben was 18, alcohol took over his life. Starting with drinking at parties and when hanging out with friends, soon alcohol was the answer to every question. Feeling stressed? Wanting to relax? Hanging out? Drink, drink, drink. Eventually, he found he couldn’t stop.

Ben reached out for help when he was 25. For the next seven years, he tried rehab 10 times and was in and out of the emergency room. At age 32, he hit rock bottom. He accepted that he had no control over drinking or his life.

Ben thought he was a lost cause. When introduced to our Healthy Partnerships division’s treatment programs, Ben assumed it would be like other rehabs he tried. But without other options, the nine-month program was worth a shot.

As he began the program, Ben says, “I wasn’t into it because I was so broken.” Yet he knew he was in a life-or-death situation and he kept showing up. With the guidance of his counselors, Ben gained insights into and worked through crucial issues that were behind his drinking.

Sober since October 25, 2017, Ben knows recovery is a lifelong process, with no shortcuts. Each day, he uses what he learned at Healthy Partnerships to stay on the path of wellness.