Solano Region Client Publishes Two Poetry Books


We are delighted to share the exciting accomplishments of one of our Solano Wellness and Recovery Center clients, Cynaka Harper, who recently published two books. 

Life’s Journey is a collection of poems Cynaka has written over the course of her life, including while living with cancer and mental health concerns. Cynaka copes with mental illness through music, writing, and poetry. Her desire is that by sharing her story through poetry, it will offer hope to others going through hard times and help them remember the good times. Cynaka says, “life is a journey, and I would love to share with you my journey.”

Dreamer’s Fantasy, written under the name G.O. 284, the name Cynaka adopted for Poetry by the Bay, is her collection of fantasy poems. 

We are so proud of Cynaka for sharing her life journey and fantasies with us, and for following her dreams of being a published poet. You are truly an inspiration, Cynaka!