IAM Local Lodge 1781 Send Kids Back-to-School Equipped to Learn

Copy of Thank you backpacks 2019.png

Heading back-to-school with a new backpack and the supplies they need gives students a boost. For many families, finding extra funds for back-to-school after paying rent and buying groceries is a wish.

Thanks to the generosity of the Women’s Committee and Members of IAM Local Lodge 1781, many of our clients and their families received a much-needed gift: New backpacks chock-full of wonderful school supply essentials and even healthy snacks!

Thank you so much, IAM Local Lodge 1781, for the wonderful donation to send local children back-to-school equipped to learn!

Counselors have been thrilled to connect children and teens with this thoughtful and generous gift of caring. Recipients included teens being served through our Teen FAST Program, clients served through our Project Ninety division, children of clients in all of our substance use treatment programs, children of survivors of domestic violence, children and teens receiving counseling themselves for help with emotional health needs, and young adults starting college.

We have seen big smiles on the faces of parents we serve who struggle to meet basic expenses and simply cannot come up with the extra dollars to send their children to school with everything they need. And the children’s eyes have grown big as they unzipped the backpacks, which were packed with such care, and find so many treasures inside.

One child who took home a backpack was especially thankful. His family’s home was flooded earlier this year, resulting in the loss of almost all their possessions. The family spent the summer living in tight quarters distant from his friends, while searching for a new apartment they could afford to rent. Receiving a new backpack and supplies was a timely and most appreciated gift. Knowing someone out there cared enough to make this act of kindness meant a lot.

You gave the priceless gift of care and heart, IAM Local Lodge 1781. Thank you.