In the News: Silicon Valley Pride to tout its diversity

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The theme for Silicon Valley Pride 2019, taking place in downtown San Jose on August 24 and 25, is “Diversity In Action.”

Fulfilling that theme includes making the event welcoming for all ages. We’re thrilled to be bringing back the popular “teen space.” Hosted by our LGBTQ Youth Space, a program of our Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley division, the teen space will welcome young people ages 21 and younger with games, hang-out space, and activities.

Our Director of LGBTQ Programs Adrienne Keel talked about the return of the teen space and the importance of including children, youth, and families in Pride events in this Bay Area Reporter article.

In the News: Caminar and local agencies work together to offer clean up, support, and services to Suisun City homeless encampment

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Members of Caminar’s Solano Region team joined together with Suisun City police, a code enforcement officer, and Public Works crews to clean up a homeless encampment in the city and to reach out to those who live there. The two-day effort reached more than a dozen homeless people, who were contacted and offered resources and services.

Read more about this effort in the Daily Republic, here.

In the News: Caminar CEO Interview on KBLX Cares

Thank you to Sterling James and KBLX for hosting our CEO, Mark Cloutier, on KBLX Cares last Saturday morning.

Sterling and Mark covered a range of important topics around the power of compassion and science to help people with mental health and substance abuse issues to get back on their path in life. They also discussed how to reduce stigma, signs someone may need mental health care, and so much more.

We invite you to listen to the interview here.

In the News: Op-Ed - San Jose’s LGBTQ Community is as Strong as Its Flags are Vibrant

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A recent Op-Ed in San Jose Inside, San Jose Councilmember Pam Foley details the strength, vibrancy, and diversity of and San Jose’s LGBTQ community. Included in her remarks is mention of our Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley division’s LGBTQ Youth Space and the outpouring of support we received after it was vandalized.

Councilmember Foley writes, “Yellow is emblematic of the power sunlight has on important issues. A few weeks ago, the LGBT Youth Space began their morning by reporting vandalism to the police and cleaning shattered glass from their floors. Because of the exposure on social media and news outlets, readers rushed to support this incredibly compassionate organization.”

Thank you, Councilmember Foley, for being an important ally of the LGBTQ community.

Read more here.

In the News: The Bay Area Reporter Covers The Vandalism of the LGBTQ Youth Space

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Our LGBTQ Youth Space, a program of our Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley division, was vandalized in early June.

The Bay Area Reporter recently published this article on the vandalism.

We appreciate the interest in, and attention to, this event. And, we are grateful for the outpouring of love and support we have received from the community in response to this incident.

In the News: Caminar CEO Speaks on Childhood Trauma

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Our CEO, Mark Cloutier, was honored to be invited by the United States Consulate as part of the US State Department’s Speaker Program to speak last week at the Family Centre's Adverse Childhood Experiences 2019 Conference.

The Royal Gazette covered the conference and interviewed Mark about the impact of ACEs on the health and well-being of our society. 

Mark states, “A good way to frame what Aces offers us is, it’s really the unaddressed non-infectious public health emergency of our lifetime, in that we now have the evidence from an epidemiological perspective — what is a major driver of lifetime adult chronic diseases.”

Read more.

In the News: San Jose Inside Reports on Recent Vandalism at the LGBTQ Youth Space

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Our LGBTQ Youth Space, a program of our Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley division, was vandalized over the weekend. The door and three windows were smashed. We don't know the motivation behind the vandalism, but our team feels fortunate the damage was not worse, no one was harmed, and we remain operational. We are heartened by the outpouring of love and support from the local community. San Jose Inside reported on the incident, which you may read here.

In the News: KRON 4 News Reports on Recent Vandalism at our LGBTQ Youth Space


We are sad to share that our The LGBTQ Youth Space drop-in center, a program of our Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley division, was vandalized over the weekend. Yet, we are deeply thankful to neighbor businesses and community members who have stepped up with support, encouragement, concern, and even donations for repairs.

KRON 4 News reported on the incident, which may be viewed here.

In the News: Caminar Program Offers Mental Health Safety Net

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The San Mateo Daily Journal today featured news of Caminar’s Assisted Outpatient Treatment, or AOT, program offered by San Mateo County’s Health Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Division.

As the article states, "the program is aimed at meeting the needs of those whose conditions have worsened at home or jail or have made it difficult to function well in their communities.” Furthermore, it is estimated that “more than $700,000 in costs were not incurred by county services, which include incarceration as well as psychiatric hospitalizations and emergency visits, because clients were served by the AOT program.”

Read more at The Daily Journal.

In the News: LGBTQ Programs Director on KCBS Radio


KCBS Radio recently aired a segment on an LGBTQ homeless shelter nearing approval in Santa Clara County. Representatives from our LGBTQ programs were on hand for the press conference ahead of the approval vote. Adrienne Keel, director of LGBTQ programs for our Family & Children Services division, spoke of how the LGBTQ community experiences a disproportionate amount of discrimination from landlords and the specific needs that would be addressed by this shelter. Learn more at KCBS.

On Tuesday, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved the shelter, which will be only the second LGBTQ-dedicated shelter in the country.

San Mateo Daily Journal Features Caminar and Project Ninety Merger

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The San Mateo Daily Journal featured news of the Caminar and Project Ninety merger last week. 

As the article states, "A merger between two longtime San Mateo nonprofits with decades of experience providing behavioral health services and substance use treatment is set to bolster the resources available to those managing mental health conditions."

Read more at The Daily Journal.