Caminar's YAIL Program Shares a Year of Success

Ajen Busher, YAIL Program Director, recently updated the community on our Young Adult Independent Living (YAIL) Program. Here, Ajen looks forward to continuous improvement and success in the coming year and looks back at impressive 2016-2017 results.

The Culture of Recovery
YAIL’s intensive case management program provides services to young adults between the ages of 18-25 who are discovering their unique mental health recovery journey. YAIL case managers encourage young adults in identifying internal and external strengths and resources as well as collaboratively working with local service providers in addressing clients’ needs. The benefits of YAIL’s services are numerous and each contributes to the strengthening of San Mateo County’s socio-economic fabric. YAIL helps to reduce the homelessness rate, mental health hospitalization stays and rates of incarceration by assisting each one of the participating young adults in discovering ways to manage symptoms as they seek employment and in many cases, pursue higher education goals. At YAIL, the staff believes mental health recovery begins with self-discovery and advances with community participation. 

Outreach Activities and Events
This coming year, YAIL seeks to make a concerted effort to outreach to community colleges, high schools and other community organizations. The purpose is to connect community clinicians with county mental health resources as well as promote YAIL’s case management services. 

Improved Groups
Recently, YAIL has reorganized and rescheduled its therapy and skills groups, including:

  • Art Therapy 
  • Anger Management
  • Seeking Safety Inspired Peer Support Group
  • Community Resource Group
  • Cooking Skills
  • Walking Group
  • Saturday and Sunday Outings
  • Thursday Movie Night 

Last Year's Results

YAIL Results.JPG

We are celebrating the accomplishments of our clients this past year!

Interested in learning more about YAIL? 
Is so, we have a variety of ways to get in touch:

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  • Call us at 650.367.9610
  • Or, email us at