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PC1000 Drug Diversion Services

Healthy Partnerships is county-certified to provide a court-ordered diversion program for first time offenders who have been arrested and charged with personal use drug offenses, which is defined as personally possessing or using drugs, as opposed to possessing them for sale or actually selling them and the crime must not involve any allegations of violence or threatened violence. Individuals are given the opportunity of attending a drug treatment program instead of incarceration with criminal proceedings being suspended until completion of their program. Upon successful program completion, the charges against the individual can be dismissed.

The purpose of Drug Diversion Program Standards is to provide County Substance Abuse Programs and participants with the minimum standards and procedures to successfully complete the program. These standards incorporate regulatory mandates set forth in the California Penal Code, Section 1211 (Chapter 1.5 of Title 8) and Section 1000 (Chapter 2.5 of Title 8).

Individuals found eligible to participate in this program must adhere to the following

  • 12 hours of education (six sessions)

  • Nine hours of group sessions (six sessions)

  • One 30-minute individual session

  • One 30-minute individual exit session

  • Two negative random drug tests

  • No more than three unexcused absences

For more information about our PC1000 Program, please  call (707) 355-4059.

Vacaville PC1000 Group

Thursday: PC1000 Group (6-7:30 pm)