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In partnership with the California Department of Rehabilitation


Caminar Jobs Plus enhances people’s lives by helping them
acquire and maintain competitive employment.

Watch as Sheri tells her story of how depression drove her to the point of trying to end her own life, and how Caminar's services helped provide the foundation for a new hope and new beginning.

For over 25 years, Caminar Jobs Plus has been a leading provider of job services and vocational rehabilitation for every person motivated to succeed in the competitive labor market, regardless of any mental or physical disability.

Having a purpose in life is also a cornerstone of wellness and recovery. Our Jobs Plus vocational rehabilitation program, which reaches clients living throughout our service area, connects people who would otherwise be excluded from the workplace with meaningful, paid jobs. Our job coaches provide ongoing support, helping to boost job retention rates and employer satisfaction. We serve job seekers and employers in Butte, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Solano counties. 

Jobs Plus services are Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredited. CARF is an independent international organization assisting service providers in improving the quality of their services, demonstrating value, and meeting internationally recognized organizational and program standards. We work with the Department of Rehabilitation and other members of a client's treatment team to support all clients in reaching their employment goals. 


Services are provided to anyone with a desire to work and are individually tailored to ensure the greatest opportunity for success. Vocational rehabilitation services include pre-employment assessments through ongoing job coaching once a job seeker is placed in competitive employment:

Skill Assessment: A client’s readiness for competitive employment is evaluated at the job sites of local employers. The situational skill assessment includes a 40-hour paid work trial that allows the client a chance to gain work training and experience while showcasing their strengths and abilities. 

Skill Development: Upon evaluation of a client’s skills, Jobs Plus provides support to develop additional skills necessary to obtain and retain the job seeker’s employment goal. 

Employment Preparation Support: Job developers work with the client to create and refine resumes, complete applications, obtain proof of eligibility to work, practice interview skills, and other support as needed to achieve the employment goals. 

Job Development and Placement Support: Jobs search assistance and matching appropriate employers for each client, with a focus on the individual goals and skills of each individual, is provided.

Benefits Assistance: We help clients find and understand information on how benefits, such as Social Security or Medicaid, are impacted by employment. 

Job Coaching: Job support and vocational rehabilitation continues beyond placement in competitive employment. Our job coaches provide ongoing support as needed, including problem-solving and other support to ensure each client thrives in his or her work environment. This boosts job retention rates and employer satisfaction. 


Enrollment in our employment services is simple and all services are provided at no cost. We will work with our clients and the Department of Rehabilitation to meet the employment goals of each person. Please visit the relevant county Jobs Plus program page to learn more about the enrollment process. 

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Our Principles and Commitment

Christopher shares his inspiring story of recovery. 

  • Having a purpose in life is a cornerstone of wellness and recovery. We connect people who would otherwise be excluded from the workplace with meaningful, paid jobs.

  • Eligibility is determined by the Department of Rehabilitation.

  • Anyone referred to Caminar who has a desire to work is encouraged and welcome.

  • Choices and plans are individualized based on a client's preferences, strengths, and experiences.

  • Competitive employment is the goal for all clients. We focus on community jobs available to anyone that pay at least minimum wage, including both part-time and full-time.

  • A job search begins soon after an initial meeting with Department of Rehabilitation and Jobs Plus; there are no requirements for extensive pre-vocational assessments or trainings.

  • We are committed to supporting all clients to reach their employment goals.


Caminar is a partner in San Francisco’s Vocational Rehabilitation Employment and Training Program, which was recently selected as one of the National Association of Counties’ (NACo) 100 Brilliant Ideas at Work.

More Information

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For more information about Jobs Plus vocational rehabilitation services for both job seekers and employers, please visit the relevant county program page: