Olivos Private Care


Olivos is Caminar’s private-pay psychiatric and psychosocial program which utilizes innovative, evidence-based practices to improve clients’ overall health and wellness.  A psychologist, psychiatrist, care manager, registered nurse, outpatient therapist, job developer, educator and peer specialist compose the team who collaborate to provide a full range of services.  Olivos provides comprehensive concierge-level care that can be tailored to fit diverse needs, ranging from psychiatric emergencies to life coaching.  Olivos works with individuals and their support systems to help build and sustain the lives they desire with direction and purpose while managing their health.

Costs and charges are based on the intensity of care and individual service plans.  Insurance not accepted.  To find out more please visit the Olivos website or contact Kristy Adams at (415) 632-8854 or info@caminarOLIVOS.org.