Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley

In October of 2016, we announced that Family and Children’s Services of Silicon Valley (FCS) will be merging with Caminar at the start of 2017.  The strategic partnership brings together two Bay Area behavioral health organizations with a shared commitment: that by providing a path to recovery we can strengthen communities and empower individuals to live independently, self-sufficiently, and with pride.

The boards of directors of both organizations unanimously approved the merger, under which FCS will operate as a division of Caminar.  Caminar and FCS have similar values but different strengths and skill sets.  The services of the combined organization will work together in complimentary ways to increase reach, efficiency, and impact.

FCS provides a wide variety of services for children, teens, and adults.  They also recognize that each individual comes to them with unique needs and experiences and partner together to achieve individual goals and to empower clients to transform their lives.

To learn more about FCS's programs and how to access services, please visit or call 408.292.9353 or 650.326.6576.

Services for Children, Teens, and their Families

  • Counseling Services
  • Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Program
  • School Based Services
  • Foster Youth Services
  • LGBTQ Wellness
  • LGBTQ Youth Space
  • Family Violence & Abuse Prevention Services (Positive Solutions Program)

Services for Adults

  • Counseling Services
  • Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Program
  • Family Violence Prevention Services (Positive Solutions Program)
  • LGBTQ Wellness
  • Parenting Programs
  • Substance Use Disorder Services

Homeless Program

In 2015 Caminar's Solano Region began providing a new service through our new program called HOME to meet the needs of the homeless mentally ill in Solano County by connecting them with support services. 

We provide supportive and stabilizing services to those experiencing situational homelessness and are facing a housing, health care, financial, or psychiatric crisis.  Some services include assisting people in emergency shelter, finding permanent housing, providing case management services, and connecting people with job readiness services through our Jobs Plus program.

Supported Housing

An astounding 75% of clients are homeless at the time of their referral to Caminar.  Fortunately, our Supported Housing program in San Mateo works tirelessly to combat this challenge through strong partnerships with the local Housing Authority divisions and landlords.  We assist clients in accessing federal housing subsidy programs such as Shelter Plus Care and Section 8, and when subsidized programs aren't an option, we work with local property owners to find our clients low-cost, permanent housing.  Almost 100% of our Supported Housing clients have kept their residences for at least one year.  That is one whole year they may have otherwise been on the streets without a place to call home or without a place to start their recovery.

Avenidas Apartments

Caminar Avenida Apartments – Providing Supportive Housing Opportunities for People with Disabilities who have Experienced Homelessness

Completed December of 2007, in collaborative partnership with the Butte County Department of Behavioral Health, HUD and Tri Counties Bank.  Caminar’s Avenida Apartments offers affordable, supportive and attractive housing for people with disabilities who have experienced homelessness.

Quality Housing Opportunities

Featuring fourteen housing units, Avenida Apartments are designed for people with a disability who have experienced homelessness. The complex has a community room for groups and recreational gatherings, laundry, maintained landscaped areas and a community garden.  Avenidas Apartments has a full time live-in property manager in addition to case management and support services provided by Butte County Department of Behavioral Health.  Employment opportunities are also onsite to assist residents in their recovery process to become productive members of the community.

Encouraging Vocational Training Opportunities

By encompassing a vocational training approach, providing employment opportunities onsite (including our social enterprise bike shop facility, along with grounds maintenance and janitorial services vocational opportunities), Avenida Apartments truly promotes independent living and self-sufficiency to its residents.

The model fits perfectly with the Caminar Butte County Region’s goal of building community and enhancing lives for people with disabilities. 


Wellness and Recovery Center

The Wellness and Recovery Center (WRC) is a MHSA funded program through the prevention and early intervention service dollars and began services on December 1st, 2010.  The Wellness and Recovery Center is a peer run drop-in center for individuals with a known or suspected mental illness, located adjacent to Caminar’s medication clinic and case management services.

The center provides an array of services meant to promote wellness and ongoing recovery from mental health disorders.  WRC staff, which consist of peer counselors as well as a program coordinator and assistant case manager, provide assistance and encouragement to clients for their total wellness. They assist in planning and implementing health and wellness education and support groups. They also provide immediate solutions to emergency problems by coordinating with local police and medical emergency units.  

Below is a list of educational and support groups that are offered at the Wellness and Recovery Center:

  • Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Groups
  • Check-in and Process Support Groups       
  • Dual Recovery Support Group (DRA)
  • Art Groups (expressive, creative, storytelling art)
  • Employment Preparedness Groups by Jobs Plus
  • Life Skills Educational Group
  • Current Events Discussion Group
  • Exercise/Zumba Group
  • Library visits
  • Social Outings (includes visiting local museums, BBQ at the park, movies, bowling, miniature golf, etc.)


The center is open Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 2:30pm and is located at 915 Tuolumne Street in Vallejo, CA


The  Wellness and Recovery Center is sponsored and funded by Solano County Board of Supervisors, Solano County Health and Social Services, and the Mental Health Services Act.


Case Management

Our Case Management programs assist individuals in meeting their basic needs while fostering empowerment, self-determination, and personal growth.  Staff collaborate with each client to create a personalized recovery plan by focusing on life skills. 

Caminar's intensive case management provides a range of services to every client, from our most fragile clients in our Full Service Partnership (FSP) to our most independent clients in the Wellness and Recovery Action Plan Program (WRAPP) and everything in between.

Full Service Partnership (FSP) provides services to San Mateo County's most  fragile individuals and integrates streamlined, holistic health care utilizing the best-practice model of assertive community treatment.  The team includes the added benefit of medical clinic services and a 24-hour on-call emergency response service.

Closely connected to our FSP program, our Recovery, Empowerment And Community Housing (REACH) also serves San Mateo's severely mentally ill individuals but  is a step down from FSP.  REACH is an innovative and highly successful program that provides services to people who benefit from a high level of assistance to achieve their life goals.  REACH pioneered hiring peer support staff to act as recovery role models to REACH participants, most of who live in their own apartments and participate in their community.  This program also has medical clinic services and a 24-hour on-call emergency response service.

A step down from REACH is our New Ventures program which provides personalized rehabilitation services to people who need support while they develop and work towards accomplishing their life goals.  Services are provided in the community and based upon an individualized treatment plan that focuses on strengths and abilities.  The program provides supported housing to help individuals keep and maintain the housing option of their choice, with some subsidized housing opportunities available.  New Ventures collaborates with Caminar’s Supported Education and Jobs Plus programs to encourage the achievement of vocational and educational goals.

Wellness, Recovery, and Partnership Program (WRAPP) is a program specifically designed to enhance full recovery and community integration for our most independent clients.  While in most programs, people who have achieved a high degree of recovery are often given few—if any—services, this program provides focused attention and encouragement to individuals who have a lot of success going on in their lives.  It concentrates on the development of natural supports and accessing self-help opportunities.  Participants develop Wellness Recovery Action Plans (Mary Ellen Copeland’s relapse prevention and wellness tool) and begin to gain confidence in their ability to reach for the stars—a career, meaningful relationships, a community of friends.

Jobs Plus Employment Services

Every person deserves the chance to find meaningful and satisfying work– and Caminar fully supports people who want to learn new skills and develop career goals.  Jobs Plus provides job placement and supported employment services for persons with all types of disabilities.  Jobs Plus works with each individual to find a job match and then provides job coaching support to ensure an individual's employment success.  We offer job assessment, vocational training, skill development, support on resume writing, job application and interviewing skills. 

We have formed many partnerships with local businesses throughout San Mateo County and by developing a wide network of community and business connections, we make working a reality and help pave the road to recovery and financial success for our clients.

Employer Benefits

  • We will assess your employment needs, recruit and match a qualified candidate at NO COST to you.
  • We provide NO COST applicant screening, specialized skill training and will help hire the right person for the right job resulting in lower staff turnover.

Interested in receiving Jobs Plus services in San Mateo County or employing one of our clients?  Contact us at (650) 578-8691 or at

Adrienne who works for Bon Appetite at Oracle is part of the 80% of people placed by Jobs Plus who have kept their jobs for at least one year.

Adrienne who works for Bon Appetite at Oracle is part of the 80% of people placed by Jobs Plus who have kept their jobs for at least one year.

Jobs Plus Employment Services

Jobs Plus is a supported employment program that provides individualized training, assistance, and support to enable individuals to be successful in competitive employment.  An on-site Job Coach provides long term assistance and support to the employee and employer at each job site, working with the new employee and teaching him/her the duties and responsibilities of the job.  As the employee masters these newly learned abilities through goal-oriented skills training, the support services are designed to gradually decrease accordingly.  The Jobs Plus staff is even available to provide technical assistance to the employer to help foster an empowering, productive work environment.

One aspect of Jobs Plus utilizes Personal Vocation Social Adjustment Services (PVSA) to provide training in appropriate work-related behaviors.  This is designed to maximize an individual’s independent functioning by eliminating identified barriers to employment.

Another service within Jobs Plus is our Situational Assessments (SA) which assesses a person’s employment skills.  This assessment tool assists with determining an individual’s job interests, abilities, and potential barriers to employment.  The result of the assessment is a comprehensive and objective report that is focused on providing accurate goal-oriented direction both for the client and for the Department of Rehabilitation in the quest to assist clients with achieving successful employment.

Employer Benefits

  • We will assess your employment needs, recruit and match a qualified candidate at NO COST to you.
  • We provide NO COST applicant screening, specialized skill training and will help hire the right person for the right job resulting in lower staff turnover.

Interested in receiving Jobs Plus services in Butte County or employing one of our clients?  Contact us at (530) 343-4421 or at

Friendship Circle (FC)

Friendship Circle directly assists individuals in their quest to develop the skills required to enhance their social lives through building and maintaining a circle of compatible friends.  Founded on the belief that compatibility should be based on the commonality and camaraderie that arises from sharing mutual abilities, interests, and concerns, FC has proven to be very successful.

Friendship Circle, a social recreational program of Caminar, is designed to assist individuals with a developmental disability to acquire the skills necessary to enhance  their social life by developing and maintaining a circle of compatible friends.  In all cases, the emphasis of the program is on supporting the movement toward self-determination, responsibility, and independence with respect to meeting their own social needs.  This is a critical element and the one which sets this program apart from  other leisure/social programs.   Friendship Circle is founded on the belief that compatibility should not be based on a common diagnosis of developmental disability, but  rather on the commonality and comradely which arises from sharing mutual abilities, interest and concerns.  The ultimate goal is to teach the social skills necessary for  individuals to build meaningful and rewarding relationships with peers and other people in the community who share common interests.

Full Service Partnership (FSP) & Medication Clinic

Full Service Partnership [FSP] for Adults and Older Adults:  The FSP is a Mental Health Service Act [MHSA] funded intensive case management program. FSP’s are intended to provide services to California’s most vulnerable mental ill consumers. Case loads are smaller than traditional case management programs so that the staff can have more direct service time to spend with these consumers. We started serving clients in October 2010. The program is staffed by 4 case managers, 2 RNs, 1 assistant case manager, 1 Admin Assistant, 1 Program Director and 16 hours a week of psychiatry. The program serves 44 clients.

The medication clinic is part of the FSP stream of services and also funded by MHSA. There are two medication clinics for this program (one located in our Vallejo office and one located in our Fairfield office.)  The clinic is staffed by two registered nurses and two psychiatrists.  Services are provided in the office or field based. The psychiatrist will be managing the prescribed services for these client’s psychotropic medications and the RNs will be assisting in the medication management and providing other medical services to program participants in the FSP. Services began December 1st, 2010.

The Full Service Partnership and Medication Clinic is sponsored and funded by Solano County Board of Supervisors, Solano County Health and Social Services, and the Mental Health Services Act.


Jobs Plus Employment Services

Encouraging Mental Health Recovery Through Vocations

An important part of the process for many individuals going through mental health recovery is meaningful employment.  Our vocational services are guided by this principle.

Enabling Mental Health Recovery Through Vocational Services Promotes Wellness

Community integration is such an important component of the recovery process.  Compensation from employment contributes to self-esteem, allowing individuals to feel like productive successful members of the community.

Caminar Jobs Plus Vocational Program

Jobs Plus, our vocational rehabilitation program here in Solano County, is well known for working with community businesses to establish partnerships in employment that work.  Jobs Plus collaborates with the Department of Rehabilitation to provide a wide range of supported employment services designed to assist individuals in finding suitable employment, and then determining the support they need to sustain it.  It’s been a reliably successful program—helping people with mental illness attain the independence and achievement they need to thrive.

Employer Benefits

  • We will assess your employment needs, recruit and match a qualified candidate at NO COST to you.
  • We provide NO COST applicant screening, specialized skill training and will help hire the right person for the right job resulting in lower staff turnover.

Interested in receiving Jobs Plus services in Solano County or employing one of our clients?  Contact us at (707) 648-8121 or at

Caminar’s vocational services are CARF accredited.  The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an independent international organization, whose focus is on ensuring that only high-quality services get the CARF accreditation. CARF’s rigorous standards provide assurance that Caminar of Solano County's services are of that high quality.


The Caminar Solano County Gateway program provides 30-day transitional housing support services and case management to individuals who are making the transition to higher levels of independent living. The community-based program also assists individuals in setting realistic goals and working towards achieving them.


Laurel Creek House

Mental health services often rely on an “institutional” approach to recovery.  Fortunately, Solano County has an attractive alternative available with Caminar’s Laurel Creek House residential treatment program.

Laurel Creek is a short-term crisis residential treatment facility that is licensed by the California Department of Social Services and certified by the Department of Health Care Services.  Laurel Creek provides a warm, home-like environment where people can regain the skills necessary to return to independent living. The program offers an array of personalized rehabilitation services including:

  • Short-term residential treatment
  • Rehabilitation services for re-entry into the community
  • Groups that offer support and education
  • Treatment goal planning
  • Educational planning
  • Assistance in activities of daily living
  • Community resource tours

Laurel Creek House promotes psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery with a wholesome, comfortable environment—a place where people can begin the recovery process in a more encouraging way.

To speak with one of our staff at Laurel Creek, please call 707.422.9345.

Take a tour of Laurel Creek with our Solano Region Executive Director Chris Kughn, by watching the video below.