From Hospitalization to Home: Tina’s Journey to Recovery

hospitalization to home.png

Earlier this year, Tina* entered treatment at Caminar immediately upon discharge from the hospital. She had been referred to our San Mateo County Region’s Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) program, which provides intensive treatment and support for adults with severe mental illness who are disconnected from the mental health system. 

Tina had been living with roommates who were actively engaged in unhealthy lifestyles, and she had been heavily abusing substances. Her mental and physical health were in a fragile state.

At Caminar, Tina began working regularly and diligently with a psychiatrist and a case manager. And, she enrolled in an outpatient substance use treatment program. 

With the newfound support and compassionate care, Tina regained her resilience and began to rebuild her life. She invested the time and work to become clean and sober,  and her mental and physical health improved. Now, she is living with family, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, working towards securing employment, and committed to the journey of recovery. 

*Name changed to protect client privacy.