Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley

In October of 2016, we announced that Family and Children’s Services of Silicon Valley (FCS) will be merging with Caminar at the start of 2017.  The strategic partnership brings together two Bay Area behavioral health organizations with a shared commitment: that by providing a path to recovery we can strengthen communities and empower individuals to live independently, self-sufficiently, and with pride.

The boards of directors of both organizations unanimously approved the merger, under which FCS will operate as a division of Caminar.  Caminar and FCS have similar values but different strengths and skill sets.  The services of the combined organization will work together in complimentary ways to increase reach, efficiency, and impact.

FCS provides a wide variety of services for children, teens, and adults.  They also recognize that each individual comes to them with unique needs and experiences and partner together to achieve individual goals and to empower clients to transform their lives.

To learn more about FCS's programs and how to access services, please visit or call 408.292.9353 or 650.326.6576. For FCS’s Behavioral Health Services Call Center, please call 408.538.0880.

Services for Children, Teens, and their Families

  • Counseling Services

  • Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Program

  • School Based Services

  • Foster Youth Services

  • LGBTQ Wellness

  • LGBTQ Youth Space

  • Family Violence & Abuse Prevention Services (Positive Solutions Program)

Services for Adults

  • Counseling Services

  • Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Program

  • Family Violence Prevention Services (Positive Solutions Program)

  • LGBTQ Wellness

  • Parenting Programs

  • Substance Use Disorder Services

  • Blackbird House Peer Respite