Jobs Plus

Encouraging Mental Health Recovery Through Vocations

An important part of the process for many individuals going through mental health recovery is meaningful employment.  Our vocational services are guided by this principle.

Enabling Mental Health Recovery Through Vocational Services Promotes Wellness

Community integration is such an important component of the recovery process.  Compensation from employment contributes to self-esteem, allowing individuals to feel like productive successful members of the community.

Caminar Jobs Plus Vocational Program

Jobs Plus, our vocational rehabilitation program here in Solano County, is well known for working with community businesses to establish partnerships in employment that work. Jobs Plus recently implemented the Individual Placement & Support (IPS) model, a highly-regarded, evidence-based rapid job placement approach. Clients are seen within three days of the referral to employment and we provide a wide range of supported employment services designed to assist individuals in finding suitable employment, and then determining the support they need to sustain it. It’s been a reliably successful program—helping people with mental health challenges the independence and achievement they need to thrive.

Employer Benefits

  • We will assess your employment needs, recruit and match a qualified candidate at NO COST to you.

  • We provide NO COST applicant screening, specialized skill training and will help hire the right person for the right job resulting in lower staff turnover.

Interested in receiving Jobs Plus services in Solano County or employing one of our clients?  Contact us at (707) 648-8121 or at

Caminar’s vocational services are CARF accredited.  The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an independent international organization, whose focus is on ensuring that only high-quality services get the CARF accreditation. CARF’s rigorous standards provide assurance that Caminar of Solano County's services are of that high quality.