Friendship Circle (FC)

Friendship Circle directly assists individuals in their quest to develop the skills required to enhance their social lives through building and maintaining a circle of compatible friends.  Founded on the belief that compatibility should be based on the commonality and camaraderie that arises from sharing mutual abilities, interests, and concerns, FC has proven to be very successful.

Friendship Circle, a social recreational program of Caminar, is designed to assist individuals with a developmental disability to acquire the skills necessary to enhance  their social life by developing and maintaining a circle of compatible friends.  In all cases, the emphasis of the program is on supporting the movement toward self-determination, responsibility, and independence with respect to meeting their own social needs.  This is a critical element and the one which sets this program apart from  other leisure/social programs.   Friendship Circle is founded on the belief that compatibility should not be based on a common diagnosis of developmental disability, but  rather on the commonality and comradely which arises from sharing mutual abilities, interest and concerns.  The ultimate goal is to teach the social skills necessary for  individuals to build meaningful and rewarding relationships with peers and other people in the community who share common interests.